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howFar Foundation: "Three Small Coins"

This article originally appeared in May 2012. It will encourage you and strengthen your faith.

howFar Foundation: "Three Small Coins": The three of us sat, waiting, under the rickety parapet shielded from the already intense morning sun. We were waiting for our laun...

Monday, December 19, 2022

Help Us With Your Generous Gift Today!

Please consider a year-end financial gift today. Your support ensures that we can continue our 20 year work of training pastors, planting churches and caring for the least reached in Haiti and sub Saharan, Africa. 

Thank you for your generous support,

Mark & Renée Maynard

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howFar Kenya Update 2022

From Bishop Reuben Tiges - Overseer howFar Churches of East Africa 

Lake Jipe Orkung'u, Kenya

Bishop Reuben ole Tiges (left), Overseer of howFar Churches of East Africa, with Emmanuel Laizer, Overseer of the Churches of Tanzania, and Founder, Mark Maynard

The Africa howFar ministry in Kenya is in possession of seven churches these are:

1.Orkung'u First Baptist which is the mother church. The same has a congregation of 207 members and two pastors, namely Bishop Reuben Tiges and Pastor Peter Kwaze.

2.Lake Jipe First Baptist church which has a congregation of 67 members and one pastor, namely pastor Japhet Mwazighe.

3.Salaita First Baptist church which has a congregation of 52 members and one pastor, namely pastor Yohana Osekeri.

4.Pithon Hill First Baptist church which has a congregation of 92 members and two pastors, namely pastor William Mwingereza (now deceased) and pastor Paul Mwingereza.

5.Karandini First Baptist church which has a congregation of 117 members and two pastors, namely Pastor Petro Noomukuu, senior pastor, and pastor Jackson Ngoyiaya.

6.Esukuta First Baptist church which has a congregation of 74 members and one pastor, namely Pastor Samson Sipaya.

7.Jerusalem First Baptist church which has a congregation of 107 members and two pastors, namely Pastor Joseph Kelero, senior pastor, and pastor Jona Kipampi.

However there are two churches that failed to progress after they are successfully planted by the howfar ministry. These are Mailitatu First Baptist church and Enderkesi First Baptist church; the same fail to progress due to several factors one being poverty. The two pastors of the mentioned churches could not bear the burden of the church as they have to go to urban cities to look for employment to feed their families. This led to the two churches lacking pastors to take care of them.

Church Members Suffered a Great Loss Due to the Drought

Nevertheless, the howFar foundation has continued running its' programs and projects despite the many challenges faced by the churches. Scholarship program for students from the less privileged families have continued enjoying education like other students in the community thanks to howfar foundation.

Our Kenyan pastors have also joined their Tanzanian counterparts in a theological seminary (Pastors Training Center) recently started by the howFar foundation in Lossimingori area. We thank the howFar for sponsoring our local less privileged pastor to join the seminary.

The maize mill project is in construction in Orkung'u village. This is aimed at creating an income generating project which will adversely solve financial challenges in church. The project cost over $5,000 thanks to howFar foundation.

Twenty twenty two has been a busy year as far as churches are concerned. We have conducted seminars and conferences in all the seven churches, but unfortunately we couldn't host our usual end of year conference due to the severe draught that has hit Kenya for almost a year. We churches could not raise the money to run the conference. We are hoping that God willing we shall hold it in January 2023.

We are looking forward to carry out much more activities come twenty twenty three.

God bless howFar, God bless its donors, God bless Kenya.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Haiti Update 2022

Diane Moffi 


howFar Haiti Director

This year has been one of the worst we’ve seen since our work began in 2012.  Upon the assassination of the president in July 2021, gangs began to flex their muscles.  They took over neighborhoods by force:  killing, raping and burning down homes.  Hundreds of innocent people were killed or injured.  Ports of entry for fuel and international food aid have been under control of the gangs until early November, when the fuel depot was finally taken over by the Haiti National Police.  Prior to this action, fuel was unavailable throughout Haiti except for black market fuel, which was selling for over $20 US per gallon.  As a result of the gangs controlling these depots, people cannot get to market to sell their crops, manna packs for feeding programs cannot get to the children, hospitals have shut down due to lack of fuel for their generators, and cell service interruptions are a constant issue, also.  Kidnappings are still happening everyday!  Cholera is at epidemic levels with hundreds of people sick or dying recently.

As tragic as all these things are, we have a great God who has been with the Haitian people through all these trials.  HowFar Haiti has the privilege of working with several families affected by this violence.  Through your generosity in 2022 we have been able to help so many!

Here are some of the ways howFar Haiti has been a blessing in Haiti this year:

Gang war in Cite Soleil this summer resulted in over 400 deaths and hundreds more being displaced.  We provided medical services for several of the gunshot victims and relocated 3 elderly people to safer housing for at least a year.

We fed over 1,000 families throughout the year.  Some were prepared food being distributed to school children, and others received food kits that fed their families for several days.  The kits contain rice, beans, corn meal, oil, canned fish and spaghetti.

Our orphanage has received food every month in 2022!!  

In June, we sponsored a VBS program for children in Cite Soleil where they were fed, they played, created crafts and heard the Gospel message.  

Two wheelbarrows and 4 shovels were purchased for people in Cite Soleil to clean up after the gang war.  This is extremely important to prevent flooding after a heavy rain.  Flooding causes diseases!

With the scarcity of rice (which is imported from the US) and some of the other food staples for meals, we began an egg and bread distribution program in the fall to provide something for the children to eat.

Clean water has been purchased, either through delivery from a water truck or purchasing sachets of water for distribution in various neighborhoods, mostly in Cite Soleil where its more difficult to get clean water.

In November, we took and distributed 20 “new mother” bags in partnership with Cords of Love.  Each bag contains diapers, baby wipes, a blanket, burp pads, a kreyol language booklet on the “Roman Road to Salvation” and a kreyol language New Testament Bible.  Also, we distributed 30 kits of reusable menstrual pads for teenage girls and young women.  Additionally, each bag and kit contained a set of Cycle Beads to help prevent unwanted pregnancies!

Thank you for your donations this year!  Many people have experienced the love of Jesus through you and they have hope for a better tomorrow!  Prayers are always needed and appreciated!!!

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New Churches in Tanzania 2022

While in Tanzania, Renée and I had an opportunity to worship at two of the six new howFar Ministries churches in Maasailand. 

We visited Namayiani Baptist Church and Jerusalem Baptist Church, both in the Mundoli area.

We are always amazed at how God continues to bless the work He began through us 20 years ago.

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Tanzania howFar Pastors Training Center Graduation

In September, Renée and I had the tremendous joy of attending the gradution ceremony of the inagural class at the howFar Ministries Pastoral Training Center and Bible College.  In partnership with the Baptist Churches of Tanzania, and under the leadership of howFar's Country Director Emmanuel Laizer, twelve Maasia men graduated with a certificate in Pastoral Ministries. 

For us, this is the realization of a prayer that we first offered up as early as 2002. That God, through howFar Ministries, would allow us to train indigenous men who, in turn, would disciple, train and pastor their kinsman in rural churches.

Students at the howFar Pastors Training Center and Bible College

This first cohort of 12 will, in some cases, return to the church they already pastor, and others will begin new churches.

Professors From Tanzania Baptist Seminary Pray and Ordain the Graduates As Their Wives Stand With Them

Mark Maynard Preached On Being A Useful Vessel in God's Church

Over 1,000 church and community leaders and members of howFar Ministries churches, including the Bishop of the Baptist Churches of Tanzania, attended the graduation celebration on the Bible School campus at Lossimingori, Tanzania.

Presenting a Plaque Recognizing Major Donors to Pastor Emmanuel Laizer (Center) and a Graduate

Sixteen men, 12 from Tanzania and 4 from Kenya, are enrolled for the 2022-2023 school year.  They are all from howFar Ministries churches.

A Free Education

Your financial support makes it possible for an indigenous Maasai leader to recieve a FREE education preparing them to teach the truth of God's word and to plant new churches.

Bishop Reuben ole Tiges, Overseerer of howFar Churches of East Africa, with Emmanuel Laizer, Overseer of the Churches of Tanzania, and Founder, Mark Maynard

To ensure that we continue in this important work, please donate at www.howFar.org today.

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Burundi Update 2022

Pastor Renovat Barutwanaya Talks With The Batwa Community

We first shared the gospel with the Batwa people in the village of Muramvya, Burundi in August 2008. On that day, several people left behind a life of Animism and came to Christ. Since that time the church has grown. Today there are approximately 60 Batwa members of our church plant at Muramvya led by a Batwa pastor. 

Burundi 2008

See the original story HERE.

howFar Ministries Murumvya Church, Central Burundi

Today there are three howFar Ministries churches in Burundi. They are in Muramvya, Bujumbura, and Ngozi. And they are not only sharing the gospel with Twa Pygmies, but with many other tribes. 

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First In Class Returns As Campus Pastor!

Many of you will remember that in 2007 we accepted an invitation to visit a Batwa Pygmy village near Gihara, Rwanda. We learned that there were no schools for the Twa children and that few ever received an education.

Our Board of Directors decided to plant a church and school in the village to reach the Twa people and to educate, train, and prepare a generation of children to evangelize their own people.

Batwa children at Gihara Village, Rwanda 2007

In 2010, Crimson Academy was launched.  One of the members of the first class was Lambert Uhirwa.  Lambert worked hard and was the #1 student in the school graduating in 2013. Lambert earned a spot in a prestigious Secondary School because of his high academic achievement.

Lambert's Graduation Ceremony at Crimson Academy. First In His Class. 2013

Today, Lambert has returned to Crismson Academy as Campus Pastor, fulfilling our dream of preparing men to return to their village to reach their own people for Christ! 

A Young Pastor Returns to Teach Where He Was Taught About Christ

Congratulations to Pastor Lambert. 

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to take the gospel message to Gihara, Rwanda in 2007.

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Goma DR Congo Orphan Care

Hello Dear Executive Director. 

We pray you are doing fine. We also are doing fine here despite the insecurity in Goma and around it due to the ongoing attacks by M23 rebels. 

Children and my family are safe and send particular regards to you, mom Renee and all your team. 
However, we praise the Lord for we have used the funds and were capable to cover the orphan's expenses for this first term of 2022 though these last two months the price has increased in the market. From now there is no more money left in the orphan's account. 

Able and his wife care for 7 orphans in their home along with their 2 children.

Children are preparing the last examinations for this school year and still are determined to work harder. 

Thank you very much for your continuous caring for vulnerables and particularly war-orphaned under my responsibility. 

God bless you so much. 

Barhashishwa Mastaki Abel

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

New Mill Dedicated in Tanzanian Massailand

The HowFar Foundation was able to celebrate a great milestone this week with the dedication of our brand-new Grain Mill in the village of Losimingori, Tanzania. 

The Grain Mill was fully funded by The HowFar Foundation. The Mill will provide a much-needed service to this area and will be a nice complement to the improved planting program that The HowFar Foundation initiated a couple of years ago. 

The Mill will not only provide jobs, but we will also be able to use the profits to subsidize maize flour to many less fortunate families in the area. 

Many thanks to Pastor Emmanuel Laizer our HowFar Foundation partner in Losimingori for all his efforts and oversight in getting this project accomplished.
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Jim Kelly
Board President
The How Far Foundation, Inc.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Tanzania 2021 Update

Pastor Emmanuel Lazier
Tanzania Country Director

Dear brothers and sisters. May I share with you my joy this last year has been a one of the good year ever in my ministry. God has put a smile on my face. U know planning a thing and see it successful makes you happy? Isn't? Even me there are many things (miracles) I have seen on my eyes and I always bless the Lord with all my heart. 

Pastor Emmaul's Family

1. CHURCHES. Last year we have 7 churches which I am overseeing them. And I am glad that all of them are active and doing well. Though there are sometimes ups and downs but they are growing. And God added joy to us that one of our brach church, Endarara has recently started a new centre, way far from that church. Early Feb they invited me to officially open the first service. 

Our new baby (Church) in Engaruka, with Pastor Augustine with the white t-shirt with black color.

2. BIBLE SCHOOL. as you know that by the grace of God we started a Bible School last year April 7th, 2021. With 12 students and now we have 14 students. All of them are boarding. And our young pastors come and get training there. And is 100% free for them so they are able to study very well. We provide everything. And we hope to get our first graduation party September or October. (We are waiting on your dates arrival so we set the exact dates). The graduation party will go with ordination. 

Also may I use this opportunity to tell you that already we have another class which are ready to start April 2022, it depends on our ability to take them. So please pray about it. Because we want every April will be our intake and Sept or Oct will be graduation. 

Pastor Emmauel speaks to faculty and new students on opening day at Pastors Training Center.

Also How far have been supporting the poor families in Losimingori village with the micro loan program where right now we have 30 families benefiting from this programme, is still going well and we bless the Lord is helping them a lot. 

Dear brethren, end last year we started building and is continuing building a corn flower machine. For two reason. One is provide services to the community because there is no machine around and second is generate income.  The money we make from this project will go direct to support the programs we have now. I will detail you more when is done, right now we are 75 % of the work. 

How far has done a lot of community service both spiritual and physical. 

Bishop Reuben ole Tiges, Emmanuel's Father and Pastor Emmanuel

But last may I mention that last Christmas God gave me a biggest gift ever in my life, my father accepted Christ as his Lord and personal serviour, and we baptized him during Christmas Day. 

And because of him we baptized 7 more people in our church. 

howFar Haiti 2021 Report

Diane Moffi

Haiti Country Director




2021 was not Haiti’s year!  Covid, random kidnappings, presidential assassination, dysfunctional government, major earthquake, 17 American and Canadian missionaries kidnapped,  gangs controlling major supply routes and gas supplies all contributed to one of the worst years in the last 10 years since we’ve been traveling to Haiti!


Yet, in spite of all the chaos, God has been working in Haiti through your support!!  


In March, we sponsored two local people on a mission trip to Miragoâne for spread the message of the Gospel at Easter where 45 accepted Jesus and 15 were baptized.  Additionally, the people attending the services received food and clothing provided by the mission team.


Unfortunately, due to the gang violence and threat of kidnappings, the Pastors’ and wives’ conference we were sponsoring in late October had to be postponed.  Please pray that we can have the conference in 2022 and that God will be glorified during the conference through the teaching.


Our school in Cite Soleil received teachers’ salaries, food distribution to the students, school supplies were purchased for return to school in September.  The wall behind the school, which was made of old pieces of tin sheets was replaced by a cinderblock wall with razor wire to make the school more secure for the children!

Orphans enjoy Christmas dinner.

A small tract of land was purchased near the school to house a mother and 3 children who were homeless.  The mother was blessed with a blender and a small generator to start a small juice business so she can feed her children, as well as beds and other household items.  Another family was relocated from Cite Soleil, the site of daily gang shootings, to a safer neighborhood with rent paid for the year for the new home!  Senior adults received food and toiletries in the spring and fall…all thanks to you!

Eathquake damage in southwest Haiti

In August, southwest Haiti was hit by a strong earthquake, which was felt in Port au Prince - over 100 miles away!  Reports indicate that over 2,000 people died and most of the people living in the area lost their homes.  Thanks to donations, howFar Haiti was able to send teams to the area to deliver supplies:  tarps, solar lights, food, clean water, diapers, toiletries, shoes, soap, medicines and Bibles.  Also, we were able to provide some supplies to a small church in Les Cayes for repairs to allow them to worship together after the earthquake!

Earthquake Supply Kit

We received several requests for medical assistance, treating tuberculosis, malnutrition, gunshot wounds, typhoid fever, heart conditions, child birth, injuries and infections.  One neighborhood received funds to buy desks for an after school English language program.  Hundreds of families have been fed and/or received food for their families during this year.  Including our orphanage of 35 children who were fed on a regular basis in 2021, received school supplies to start the school year and enjoyed a Christmas party…all thanks to you!!

Diane and Carl Moffi give the gift of food.

Please pray for Haiti and her beautiful people to have peace in 2022, through Jesus, and help them to continue to seek God!