Monday, September 17, 2007

September/October East Africa Mission

"A young Maasai women prays outside of the Karantini, Kenya Church"

A huge "thank you" to everyone who gave so generously to meet the remainder of the financial need for this mission. We exceeded the goal. I am eagerly waiting to get out into the field to see WHY God has provided some extra. It could be for the Maasai Bibles that I have wanted to purchase for the new churches. Or, maybe God has something else in store for us.

I leave tomorrow for Kenya, Tanzania and, for the first time, Rwanda. Your prayers are very much appreciated for me, for Renee and Hillary, and for the hopelessly and eternally lost.

"Maasia Moran ready for Eunoto Cerimony"

May God richly bless you for your faithfulness to His great redemptive work in East Africa.

" up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither mouth nor rust destroys...for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:20-21


Monday, September 10, 2007

September/October 2007 Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda Mission

"Kilimanjaro peaks out from her veil of clouds. She can be seen from all nine of the new church plants in Kenya and Tanzania."

"Some of our team at the new Mailiatatu Church the day we dedicated it." Kenya - July 2007

I'll be returning to East Africa on September 18 and will return on Oct 10.

Here is my agenda for this mission.

1. Visit Rob & Melissa Boogaard in Amsterdam, Holland on the way to Kenya. We hope to begin plans for a Crusade in a nearby village in June 2008.

2. Visit the British Baptist Bible Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Reuben ole Tiges, of the Jipe Orkung'u Church, is currently studying there. The leadership of the seminary plans to help us launch a seminary near Mombasa, Kenya in January 2008.

3. Inspect and dedicate the recently completed church building in Esukuta, Kenya.

4. Visit our church plant in Enderkesi, Kenya

5. Visit our church plant in Karantini, Kenya

6. Hold a two-day Pastors Conference in Taveta, Kenya. Our nine pastors, and several associates pastor's, will attend along with a few guests pastors that we cooperate with along the Kenya/Tanzania border.

7. Visit our church plant, for the first time, in Lossimingori, Tanzania.

8. Visit the Python Hill, Kenya church plant and present $1500 to begin the construction of a new church building.

9. Meet with a well drilling company that was referred to me to discuss the potential of drilling a deep water bore hole near the Iltudui, Tanzania church plant.

10. Make the long drive across Tanzania to visit a pastor friend in Rwanda. Rwanda is in the next time-zone west of Kenya. We plan to prayerfully visit several remote areas to deliver the gospel and explore the possibility of planting new churches.

11. There is a slight chance that we may be able to enter Burundi as well. Burundi has been a very volatile country. Pray that we can safely enter an area along the border to get the gospel into the country.

12. Meet with Pastor Patrick Wafula Marisa of God's Family Steadfast Baptist Church to discuss our partnership in a new orphanage to open in January 2008.

Most of the expenses for this Mission have been met. However, I still need approximately $1200 to cover all of the on-the-ground transportation expenses.

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement.

"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come." Matthew 24:14


July 2007 Kenya Medical, Childrens & Womens Evangelism Mission Report

Watch for the full story coming soon!

"Renee and friends at Esukuta"

"Daren Wise discusses pastoral issues with the young pastors from several churches along the Kenya/Tanzania border."

"Renee Maynard and Jara Zari teach, with the aid of Pastor Mwinga's wife, at one of the several Women's Conferences. Everything is translated into Swahili and then into Maasai"

"Donna Gabriel, front, and Melanie Zbinden worked long hours to treat over 1000 patients who came through the five medical clinics."

2007 Mission Team at Fort Jesus on the Mombasa harbor.