Friday, August 4, 2017

howFar Haiti Micro-Loan Initiative

Pastor Astrel Vincent recently updated us on our joint effort to create a micro-loan program between howFar Haiti and Good Samaritan Foundation. There are so many people in Haiti who want to work but not many jobs are available. So, we decided to help them create their own jobs!
"Hi Everybody!  The Good Samaritan Foundation puts together a micro loan business to work with the women and this is our third meeting. It was full and pack. We are trying to encourage and teach business among the poorest women in Cite Soleil so they can be self supporting to find a way of life. We only have $1000 dollars donated by Diane Moffi, [howFar's Haiti Director]. 100 of women in our list are waiting to be served. We believe that is great idea and there is a great future in it. We are asking you to pray for us. If God puts in your heart to help, please do so. You too can be a part of changing the life of those people. This is just the beginning!"

Haiti women learn to be self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

If you'd like to donate so that we can include other families in this effort, please go to: and click on the "Donate" button under "Donate to our work in Haiti". You can add a note that tax deductible gift is for "jobs in Haiti". 

Thank you for enriching their lives! howFar will you go?