Monday, May 6, 2013

April Africa Mission Update

I just returned from 18 days in sub Saharan Africa visiting our churches and projects in three countries. Here are a few of the highlights of the mission.


I had the great joy to preach to over 500 people at a crusade Easter eve and then again on Easter in Kagina, Rwanda. Many people responded to the gospel message at both events.

Crusade at Crimson Academy - Kagina, Rwanda
"Pasika Nziza" - "Happy Easter"

Democratic Republic of the Congo

One of our primary goals for this mission was to visit our church at Mudja in DR Congo. In January, M23 rebels captured DR Congo's eastern capital of Goma burning homes, stealing supplies and weapons and killing innocent people in their quest to control eastern DR Congo. The rebels will stop at nothing as they grab land rich with minerals worth millions of US Dollars.

M23 Rebels Move Toward Mudja
A Town Near Mudja Burns During the War
600,000 Refugees Run as Rebels Advance

International pressure forced the rebels to retreat northward toward Nyiragongo Volcano and right into the village of Mudja. 

The rebel occupation of Mudja left the village devastated - women raped, huts burned, livestock stolen and all of their food confiscated.

Part of the Road to Mudja
Mt. Nyiragongo  - Active Volcano
Where a Home Once Stood - Burned By Rebels
Mudja Village Gathers 
Flour Ready for Distribution
Sharing  - The Woman at the Well
I Woman in Mudja Receives Food From howFar

How Far Foundation Clinic - Mudja, DR Congo

Nurses Care For Elderly Batwa Pygmy Man
Mudja Village Leaders at howFar Clinic

Your gifts made it possible for the How Far Team to deliver 3000 pounds of food, restock the How Far Foundation Medical Clinic and share a message of hope from God's Word.

Sister Celest

When in DR Congo I stay at the Catholic Compound so that I can share with the Sisters who live and work there. My friend, Sister Celest, always asks me for books and recordings to help her learn English. She was thrilled to receive a Messinger -  a solar powered audio player with 67 sermons from Charles Stanley and the New Testament - in English and French. She will hear the gospel of grace apart from works.


From DR Congo we drove 8 hours to Murumvya, Burundi where we planted a church in 2008. The long process of acquiring land and government permits to construct a church is almost over.  The church, in a Batwa Pygmy community, is nearly complete.

Muramvya Community Church - Burundi
The 60 ' x 40' Structure Will Seat 150 People 
Beautiful View From The Church
Worship with the Tradition Drum
Pastor Renovant Share with His Church
Four Came For Salvation
Muramvya Community Church - Burundi

The church gathered to worship and thank God for His gift to them. They had been banned by the government to gather and worship under the trees so this event was a tremendous blessing to them.

Your prayers and support enabled us to:
  • Share the gospel with well over 1,000 people.
  • Feed 250 very hungry families for one week.
  • Restock a medical clinic that offers the only access to care for 25 miles in any direction.
  • Build a church in Burundi.
  • And much, much more.
Watch for additional stories of what God is doing in the coming weeks!

Our work in Africa is far from finished. Please continue to support our work so the we can be obedient to His call.