Friday, March 25, 2016

howFar in the Congo - Abused Women's Centers and Widows Centers

Renée Maynard, Co-Founder of howFar, helps to create opportunities for in-crisis women in the Congo.  To provide these opportunities, Renée put into action plans for the Abused Women's Centers, and Widows Centers, to teach women the skills they need to provide for themselves and their families.  There are currently five operating howFar women's centers in the Congo. 

Renée Maynard with one of our team leaders at a howFar Training Center for War Widows

howFar Abused Women's Center counsels and trains women who have been raped by soldiers. 
  • The North Kivu region, where the howFar Compound sits, has had the highest reported instances of rape in the entire world.
  • Women who have been raped are customarily shunned by their families and are forced onto the streets.

howFar Widows Center trains and counsels women who have lost their husbands in the war. 

Donate today to continue supporting these women in need!

howFar will you go?

Written by: Hillary Mackay, howFar Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

howFar Clinic - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Thanks to your generous giving, we were able to send the monthly budget for our clinic in the Congo so that they could pay the nurses, and restock their shelves with much needed medical supplies.  The howFar Clinic is in a remote village where the only other medical care is a three hour walk for the villagers.  On average, our nurses see twenty patients a day.

howFar nurses receiving much needed medical supplies.

Written by: Hillary Mackay, howFar Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pastor John Visits howFar Congo Churches

Recently, our Country Director in the Congo, Pastor John, took a two-week trip by motorcycle to visit all of the howFar churches spread across eastern DRC. 

His message to us said, 
“Although the trip has been too long and tiresome, I enjoyed it.  Within a couple of weeks, I have experienced thing I had never before.”  
On his trip, he met with the pastors responsible for our churches, to check on them, and encourage them. 

howFar has planted churches in remote areas where there're no other churches.

Pastor John also documented the activity at each church, and how many members were at each one – we are excited to share that there are twelve churches, with more than 1250 members spread across the Congo!

Written by: Hillary Mackay, howFar Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

howFar Orphanage - Day At The Lake

We have recently shared some stories and pictures of the children from the howFar orphanage going on some fun adventures.  There were three groups that split up to go on different filed trips - the first group took a boat trip across the lake, the second group was able to run free and play in a safe park, and the last group spent the day with some local fisherman on the water.

Our friend, Pastor John, wrote us to say that the children visited the net fishermen.  He said, "it has really been amising (amazing), children made a wonderful discovery."  In addition to the children enjoying this time of exploring new things, Pastor John also said, "Local leaders also thanked you when we informed them about the visit of our orphans."

Because of your support, we are not only providing for these orphans and giving them new experiences, but while doing this, we are also reaching the local leaders within the country.  This is a big deal, and we couldn't do it without you!

To continue helping us provide these wonderful opportunities, CLICK HERE:

 GoFundMe - Marks Kilimanjaro Climb for Orphan Education

Written by: Hillary Mackay, howFar Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Thursday, March 3, 2016

howFar Orphanage - Day At The Park!

We wanted to share some pictures of the children from our howFar orphanage in Goma, DR Congo, on a recent outing.  We were able to send some additional funds so that they could have a special meal, and adventure away from the orphanage.  This group was taken to a safe park, where they could run and play without any danger.  Our friend, Pastor John, wrote us to say that the children “showed happiness that they had never shown before.” 

Children at the howFar orphanage - ready to enjoy fresh fruit.

Orphans anticipating a meal with chicken, meat is a rare treat in their villages.

Children arriving at a new park, eager to explore!

howFar orphans enjoy running free in a danger-free park

It is only through your generosity that these children get to have these experiences.  Because of your funding, these children will know love and joy that they would otherwise live without.  Thank you for helping us change the lives of 120 orphans in the Congo!

To join us in caring for our children, contact Hillary Mackay at