Monday, January 17, 2022

Tanzania 2021 Update

Pastor Emmanuel Lazier
Tanzania Country Director

Dear brothers and sisters. May I share with you my joy this last year has been a one of the good year ever in my ministry. God has put a smile on my face. U know planning a thing and see it successful makes you happy? Isn't? Even me there are many things (miracles) I have seen on my eyes and I always bless the Lord with all my heart. 

Pastor Emmaul's Family

1. CHURCHES. Last year we have 7 churches which I am overseeing them. And I am glad that all of them are active and doing well. Though there are sometimes ups and downs but they are growing. And God added joy to us that one of our brach church, Endarara has recently started a new centre, way far from that church. Early Feb they invited me to officially open the first service. 

Our new baby (Church) in Engaruka, with Pastor Augustine with the white t-shirt with black color.

2. BIBLE SCHOOL. as you know that by the grace of God we started a Bible School last year April 7th, 2021. With 12 students and now we have 14 students. All of them are boarding. And our young pastors come and get training there. And is 100% free for them so they are able to study very well. We provide everything. And we hope to get our first graduation party September or October. (We are waiting on your dates arrival so we set the exact dates). The graduation party will go with ordination. 

Also may I use this opportunity to tell you that already we have another class which are ready to start April 2022, it depends on our ability to take them. So please pray about it. Because we want every April will be our intake and Sept or Oct will be graduation. 

Pastor Emmauel speaks to faculty and new students on opening day at Pastors Training Center.

Also How far have been supporting the poor families in Losimingori village with the micro loan program where right now we have 30 families benefiting from this programme, is still going well and we bless the Lord is helping them a lot. 

Dear brethren, end last year we started building and is continuing building a corn flower machine. For two reason. One is provide services to the community because there is no machine around and second is generate income.  The money we make from this project will go direct to support the programs we have now. I will detail you more when is done, right now we are 75 % of the work. 

How far has done a lot of community service both spiritual and physical. 

Bishop Reuben ole Tiges, Emmanuel's Father and Pastor Emmanuel

But last may I mention that last Christmas God gave me a biggest gift ever in my life, my father accepted Christ as his Lord and personal serviour, and we baptized him during Christmas Day. 

And because of him we baptized 7 more people in our church. 

howFar Haiti 2021 Report

Diane Moffi

Haiti Country Director




2021 was not Haiti’s year!  Covid, random kidnappings, presidential assassination, dysfunctional government, major earthquake, 17 American and Canadian missionaries kidnapped,  gangs controlling major supply routes and gas supplies all contributed to one of the worst years in the last 10 years since we’ve been traveling to Haiti!


Yet, in spite of all the chaos, God has been working in Haiti through your support!!  


In March, we sponsored two local people on a mission trip to Mirago├óne for spread the message of the Gospel at Easter where 45 accepted Jesus and 15 were baptized.  Additionally, the people attending the services received food and clothing provided by the mission team.


Unfortunately, due to the gang violence and threat of kidnappings, the Pastors’ and wives’ conference we were sponsoring in late October had to be postponed.  Please pray that we can have the conference in 2022 and that God will be glorified during the conference through the teaching.


Our school in Cite Soleil received teachers’ salaries, food distribution to the students, school supplies were purchased for return to school in September.  The wall behind the school, which was made of old pieces of tin sheets was replaced by a cinderblock wall with razor wire to make the school more secure for the children!

Orphans enjoy Christmas dinner.

A small tract of land was purchased near the school to house a mother and 3 children who were homeless.  The mother was blessed with a blender and a small generator to start a small juice business so she can feed her children, as well as beds and other household items.  Another family was relocated from Cite Soleil, the site of daily gang shootings, to a safer neighborhood with rent paid for the year for the new home!  Senior adults received food and toiletries in the spring and fall…all thanks to you!

Eathquake damage in southwest Haiti

In August, southwest Haiti was hit by a strong earthquake, which was felt in Port au Prince - over 100 miles away!  Reports indicate that over 2,000 people died and most of the people living in the area lost their homes.  Thanks to donations, howFar Haiti was able to send teams to the area to deliver supplies:  tarps, solar lights, food, clean water, diapers, toiletries, shoes, soap, medicines and Bibles.  Also, we were able to provide some supplies to a small church in Les Cayes for repairs to allow them to worship together after the earthquake!

Earthquake Supply Kit

We received several requests for medical assistance, treating tuberculosis, malnutrition, gunshot wounds, typhoid fever, heart conditions, child birth, injuries and infections.  One neighborhood received funds to buy desks for an after school English language program.  Hundreds of families have been fed and/or received food for their families during this year.  Including our orphanage of 35 children who were fed on a regular basis in 2021, received school supplies to start the school year and enjoyed a Christmas party…all thanks to you!!

Diane and Carl Moffi give the gift of food.

Please pray for Haiti and her beautiful people to have peace in 2022, through Jesus, and help them to continue to seek God!