Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ngongo Expedition Funded!

In April 2010 we announced that howFar Ministries and The How Far Foundation had committed to reaching the unreached and unengaged Ngongo people group. To our knowledge, the Ngongo have not heard the gospel and that there is no one is working with them. Since our commitment in 2010, we have been praying for God to supply the funds for this important mission.

We are pleased to announce that howFar has recently received a directed gift of $25,000 for this mission.

The Ngongo are a small people group who inhabit the deepest forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. reports the Ngongo as a “Category 1” on the Status of Global Evangelization Chart. A “Category 1” is described as Last Frontier and Unreached. There is believed to be no known evangelical believers among the Ngongo nor is there any active church planting.

The remote area where the Ngongo live is located in the Congo River Basin, which is in the world’s second largest rain forest. The area has no roads, so access to the Ngongo villages requires the use of a small aircraft, motorcycles and walking. This mission, planned for early 2013, will be howFar's most aggressive mission effort to date.

Please join with us in thanking God for this incredible provision!