Sunday, January 17, 2021

Mission To Haiti

Diane Moffi – HowFar Director 

Even with the challenges we all faced in 2020, work in Haiti continued.  HowFar Haiti sponsored a 2-day marriage conference in February for over 100 people at the Mystery of God church in Cite Soleil.  Everyone received a hot meal during the two days while learning about God’s plan for marriage, healthy nutrition and birth control.  Unfortunately, this was the only trip we were able to make in 2020 so we worked extra hard with our folks in Haiti to make things happen!

 Generators are a common thing in Haiti due to the lack of regular electricity.  As you might imagine, a loud generator running during a church service can be quite distracting!  We were able to raise enough money to purchase some solar panels, inverter kit and batteries for the Mystery of God church so they could hear the church service better.  This church is a place of safety in a sometimes-volatile neighborhood in Port au Prince.  

Additionally, throughout the year, howFar Haiti provided food, shoes and medical treatment for several members of the church and the children that go to school there.  Food bags were distributed at Easter to every family in the church, approximately 75 families.  Shoes were given out to children at the school.   More than 20 families received assistance with medical/hospital bills and medicine.  This is a huge blessing because in Haiti you cannot get medical attention if you don’t have money so we were thrilled to be able to help people be healthy!

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