Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Church In Danger Of Attack

Our church at Mudja, located in a Batwa village, 25 kilometers northwest of Goma, is in danger of rebel attack.

howFar has been working in the Batwa Pygmy village of Mudja since 2009 to bring education and economic development. 

Congolese soldiers in North Kivu Provence, DR Congo. Photo by: MSNBC News

Now, as M23 rebels close in on Goma, they must first go through Mudja.

We are praying for our friends in Mudj and for the howFar Ministries church there.

howFar has sent $1000 in humanitarian aid this week to our team on the ground in Goma to purchase food and medicines for the impoverished residents at Mudja.

For more on the situation see the attached article "UN Condemns Congo Attacks As Rebel Advance Threatens Goma".

UN Condemns Congo Attacks

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Monday, July 9, 2012

"...Lives Which Were Perishing"

Yesterday we received this encouraging message from one of our partner villages in Africa.

Greetings and blessings friends at The How Far Foundation.

This is a message from the Maasai community living in Orkung'u Village in Taveta District of Kenya.

1. We thank The How Far Foundation for the great help of relief distribution they have been distributing to the community for the last two years. T
his has helped many lives which were to perish due to starvation at the end of last year and even now. The community appreciate your donation and many thanks and blessings is directed to the How Far Foundation and his donors.

2. We also thanks The How Far Foundation for the contribution of funds that help buy school textbooks for the newly built and sponsored Orkung'u Primary School. The community which was starving for lack of food were required to buys books for their young children. They couldn't imagine how God responded to their prayers when How Far Foundation donated books worth thousands of Kenya Shillings. This is awesome. God Bless How Far Foundation and its supporters.

Reuben Kipampi ole Tiges, Elder on behalf of the Maasai Community

Your partnership with The How Foundation is helping to meet the physical needs of people who, through no fault of their own, cannot help themselves.

Thank you for sharing your resources with the people of Orkung'u, Kenya!

Mark Maynard
howFar will you go?