Wednesday, June 4, 2008


These are very exciting times...

Our Ministry

Our work continues across East Africa, and now, in Thailand. Fourteen churches have been planted in three countries since 2005. According to Pastor Reuben son of Tiges, our head Maasai pastor in Kenya, over one thousand people have come to salvation!

To keep up with the growth of our work we have formalized our mission and ministry. Maynard’s on Mission is now two brand new entities: howFar Ministries, Inc, and The howFar Foundation, Inc. Both are Georgia non-profit corporations. Additionally, we are in the process of applying for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Our primary emphasis will continue to be evangelism, church planting, and discipleship and will be done through howFar Ministries, Inc. We have also organized The howFar Foundation, Inc. so that we can apply for grants and seek donations from secular organizations to fund humanitarian aid projects in the villages that we are working in.

Under this new structure we will be an independent Mission Agency but will continue to work with The Family Church, FBC, Sugar Hill, and other mission- minded churches, as a “Great Commission” ministry partner.

Our Mission

"A young Massai girl worships the Living God"

As you know, Kenya was thrown into political and tribal turmoil this past December due to a flawed presidential election. Thousands were killed and nearly 500,000 people were displaced. Things have finally stabilized, with the implementation of a bipartisan government, but the people remain deeply divided and the economy has been devastated. Costs have skyrocketed and life, if you can imagine, has become an even greater daily struggle. The need for a strong Christian presence is greater than ever!

I am returning to East Africa on July 9, accompanied by my friend and mission partner, Clif Knight. Clif will return on July 23 and I will stay until August 6.

Here are a few of the things that we need to get accomplished:

• Visit 12 of our 14 church plants in Kenya and Tanzania. (See the map below for their locations.)
• Dedicate 5 new church buildings, three in Kenya and two in Tanzania.
• Lead a pastor’s conference in Taveta, Kenya for all of our lead and associate pastors.
• Visit the site of our future East Africa Bible College in Mombasa, Kenya.
• Dedicate a new church plant and orphanage project in Miritini, Kenya.
• Dedicate a new Batwa church plant in Gihara, Rwanda.

We just received word this week that we are to have the privilege of baptizing 50 new believers from the Batwa Tribe!

"God is molding him into the Image of Christ"

• Visit the site of a new school project in Gihara, Rwanda.
• Visit our primary school in Orkung’u, Kenya.
• Visit the orphans we support in Mtongwe, Kenya.
• Visit sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi where we hope to plant churches this year. (Visas pending)

In November, I plan to return to Thailand with a small evangelism team. We will be witnessing to Burmese refugees along the Thai / Myanmar border near Ranong, Thailand. Ranong is just across the border on the very southern tip of Myanmar. Our long-term goal is to plant Burmese churches along the border in Thailand and, ultimately, send Burmese nationals back into their own country to share the gospel of hope.

"A Burmese refugee suffers in silence"

Looking forward, Renee will lead two women’s evangelism teams next year. The first team will return to Thailand to continue our work at The Well, a prostitute rescue ministry. She has also been invited to teach Biblical health and hygiene to Maasai women with the goal of eradicating their tradition of female genital mutilation.

As you can see, there is much to do in our Lord’s field. God is growing his church and we are tremendously blessed to be a part of it. (Matthew 16:18)

Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we take the Gospel of Hope and Reconciliation to the world.

Mark Maynard