Saturday, April 11, 2009

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URGENT NEED: Car for East Africa Mission

While in East Africa we hope to purchase a vehicle to help us more efficiently accomplish our mission and humanitarian aid work.

The largest expense that we have on the ground is the cost of renting a car. Over the years, we have spent enough to have purchased a new 4WD SUV many times over. Lord willing, we will be able to invest in a vehicle that will enable us to use our financial resources for additional ministry and aid projects.

The investment for a used Toyota EE104ST, imported from Japan, is $8,813.00.

If you are able to make a one time, tax deductible, donation toward the purchase of this car please contact us immediately. The deadline for this necessary investment is April 15.

The purchase of this vehicle will save the foundation $2100 on this trip alone. But more importantly, it will enable us to take the gospel message to more places than ever!

My driver and personal assistant in Mombasa, Maurice Amadi, will rent the car to other mission and humanitarian aid agencies through the year turning it into a profit center for The howFar Foundation. Maurice, who is a professional driver, will also drive the car when rented so that it is kept in excellent condition. The income generated will be used to cover my expenses while in East Africa making it possible to go more often.

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