Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Kenya Orphan Sponsorships

The How Far Foundation and howFar Ministries is pleased to announce that 72 orphans have been sponsored for the 2009 school year.

Each year The How Far Foundation and howFar Ministries partners with St. Patrick's Baptist Mission School in Mtongwe, Kenya to provide education sponsorships for orphaned children. Funds for sponsorships come from individual donors who generously give $80 per student. The funds provide tuition, books and uniform for the entire school year which begins in January.

St. Patrick's Baptist Mission School is a private christian school offering a high-school preparatory program. The intake ratio for students entering the first grade in Kenya is 30.3%. Only 23.1% of those students receive a secondary education and 3% go on to a university. (Source:UNESCO). Statistics show that students who receive a primary education in a private school are many times more likely to pass the test to advance to secondary schools.

In 2008, St. Patrick's Baptist Mission School had a total enrollment of 410 students. One-hundred and ten are orphans.

Scholarships are still needed for the remaining 38 orphans. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution of $80 to give an orphaned child hope for the future contact The How Far Foundation at mark@howFar.org.

Thank you to all of our 2009 sponsors.

Renee Maynard
Board Secretary - howFar Ministries, Inc. and The How Far Foundation, Inc.