Tuesday, November 27, 2012

M23 Rebels Capture Goma

Last week M23 rebel forces took control of eastern DR Congo including the howFar compound located at Mudja. We have had no contact with the village and are deeply concerned for the safety of our friends. We are praying for there protection.

For more photos on the situation in Goma Click Here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Growth In East Africa

Our churches in Kenya and Tanzania continue to grow. Pastor Reuben ole Tiges, Overseer of our churches and projects east of Lake Victoria, reports, “All is good here and the Lord is manifesting Himself tremendously with many people turning to Christ. The church too in Lossimingori is completed. Pray for us brother because of the drought and the terrorists who threaten our peace.” 

The church at Lossimingori, Tanzania outgrew the facility howFar Ministries built for them in 2007. The community raised funds to build a new structure which they completed and dedicated in October.

Mudja Stabilizes

The most recent report from Eastern Congo, sent by Pastor John Mundola, is very good news. “The rebelles are very far from Mudja they are not near, so Mudja is not ender their control.”  (Goma, DR Congo.) The situation there remains difficult for the Batwa of Mudja. howFar has sent $2050.00 in aid for food and medicines so far this year.

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