Sunday, December 18, 2022

First In Class Returns As Campus Pastor!

Many of you will remember that in 2007 we accepted an invitation to visit a Batwa Pygmy village near Gihara, Rwanda. We learned that there were no schools for the Twa children and that few ever received an education.

Our Board of Directors decided to plant a church and school in the village to reach the Twa people and to educate, train, and prepare a generation of children to evangelize their own people.

Batwa children at Gihara Village, Rwanda 2007

In 2010, Crimson Academy was launched.  One of the members of the first class was Lambert Uhirwa.  Lambert worked hard and was the #1 student in the school graduating in 2013. Lambert earned a spot in a prestigious Secondary School because of his high academic achievement.

Lambert's Graduation Ceremony at Crimson Academy. First In His Class. 2013

Today, Lambert has returned to Crismson Academy as Campus Pastor, fulfilling our dream of preparing men to return to their village to reach their own people for Christ! 

A Young Pastor Returns to Teach Where He Was Taught About Christ

Congratulations to Pastor Lambert. 

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to take the gospel message to Gihara, Rwanda in 2007.

howFar will you go?

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