Sunday, December 18, 2022

Burundi Update 2022

Pastor Renovat Barutwanaya Talks With The Batwa Community

We first shared the gospel with the Batwa people in the village of Muramvya, Burundi in August 2008. On that day, several people left behind a life of Animism and came to Christ. Since that time the church has grown. Today there are approximately 60 Batwa members of our church plant at Muramvya led by a Batwa pastor. 

Burundi 2008

See the original story HERE.

howFar Ministries Murumvya Church, Central Burundi

Today there are three howFar Ministries churches in Burundi. They are in Muramvya, Bujumbura, and Ngozi. And they are not only sharing the gospel with Twa Pygmies, but with many other tribes. 

howFar will you go?

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