Saturday, December 23, 2023

Tanzania How Far Foundation Food Distribution

"Today we manage to distribute 30 bags of maize and seed to over 200 families. Each got a portion of 20 kgs of maize and 4 kgs of Aminika seed (maize seed). We had a little change that the church elders suggested that instead of buying beans let's use that funds to buy seed so when the plantation season comes they have quality seed to use. Apart from that we have agriculture officer who came to train them how to plant and use manure for better performance. It was a lovely day. And they said thank you for Christmas gift. It has meant a lot to us." Update from Emmanuel Lazier. 

Food insecurity in Tanzania has reached the "acute" level due to an ongoing drought.  The How Far Foundation recently sent funds to purchase food and seed for the most vulnerable families.

Rains have finally come to the area but it is too late for this year's planting season.

Pastor Emmanuel serves as the overseer of the howFar Ministries Churches of Tanzania and the howFar Ministries Bible College.

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