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howFar Haiti / HaitiWorks 2023 Update - Diane Moffi, Director / howFar Haiti

Praises to God for allowing us to continue to serve our folks in Haiti for another year! 

Every year is a challenge when working in Haiti.  2023 was no exception and may win the prize for the hardest year since our work began in 2012.  Gang violence has overshadowed daily life for most Haitians, especially in Port au Prince.

"An estimated 2 million people, including 1.6 million women and children, live in areas under gang control, she said, and children are getting killed and injured in crossfire, some on the way to school. Others are being forcibly recruited or they are joining armed groups out of sheer desperation,” Russell said.  Source APNews October 2023

For more information on the crisis in Haiti go to 

But God has been with us everyday:

   We sponsored two VBS programs this summer where over 100 children heard the gospel message and were fed a good meal each day.


   Our medical outreach continues with many people receiving medicines and care for diseases, gunshot wounds, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, eye glasses, etc.


   Several feeding programs were held in various neighborhoods where malnutrition is a chronic problem.


    Several children have been sponsored to attend school.


   We invested in a community garden that feeds people fresh vegetables and fruits they cannot afford to buy.  Right now, we’re renting the land with hopes to purchase it one day soon.


   Our school in Cite Soleil is still up and running with profits from Haiti Works providing money for the teachers who are working without a regular paycheck.  We continue to pray for this school. Due to the gang violence in the area its difficult to have a regular schedule for classes.


   Several children and adults are suffering from PTSD because they’ve been in the middle of the violence and many have been driven from their homes with nothing except the clothes they are wearing.


    We have a new, small orphanage that we are sponsoring.

  Our current orphanage of 35 children was forced to leave their home in September and remain in another location because of gangs.  Please pray for their safety and for the children to return home soon.


Thank you all for your continued support through donations and prayers.  Everything we do is to the glory of God and He has blessed our ministry through you!

All donations to howFar Ministries Haiti work are tax deductible under our 501c3 designation. 

HaitiWorks is a ministry of howFar Ministries and The How Far Foundation, Inc.

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howFar Foundation: "Three Small Coins"

This article originally appeared in May 2012. It will encourage you and strengthen your faith.

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Help Us With Your Generous Gift Today!

Please consider a year-end financial gift today. Your support ensures that we can continue our 20 year work of training pastors, planting churches and caring for the least reached in Haiti and sub Saharan, Africa. 

Thank you for your generous support,

Mark & Renée Maynard

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howFar Kenya Update 2022

From Bishop Reuben Tiges - Overseer howFar Churches of East Africa 

Lake Jipe Orkung'u, Kenya

Bishop Reuben ole Tiges (left), Overseer of howFar Churches of East Africa, with Emmanuel Laizer, Overseer of the Churches of Tanzania, and Founder, Mark Maynard

The Africa howFar ministry in Kenya is in possession of seven churches these are:

1.Orkung'u First Baptist which is the mother church. The same has a congregation of 207 members and two pastors, namely Bishop Reuben Tiges and Pastor Peter Kwaze.

2.Lake Jipe First Baptist church which has a congregation of 67 members and one pastor, namely pastor Japhet Mwazighe.

3.Salaita First Baptist church which has a congregation of 52 members and one pastor, namely pastor Yohana Osekeri.

4.Pithon Hill First Baptist church which has a congregation of 92 members and two pastors, namely pastor William Mwingereza (now deceased) and pastor Paul Mwingereza.

5.Karandini First Baptist church which has a congregation of 117 members and two pastors, namely Pastor Petro Noomukuu, senior pastor, and pastor Jackson Ngoyiaya.

6.Esukuta First Baptist church which has a congregation of 74 members and one pastor, namely Pastor Samson Sipaya.

7.Jerusalem First Baptist church which has a congregation of 107 members and two pastors, namely Pastor Joseph Kelero, senior pastor, and pastor Jona Kipampi.

However there are two churches that failed to progress after they are successfully planted by the howfar ministry. These are Mailitatu First Baptist church and Enderkesi First Baptist church; the same fail to progress due to several factors one being poverty. The two pastors of the mentioned churches could not bear the burden of the church as they have to go to urban cities to look for employment to feed their families. This led to the two churches lacking pastors to take care of them.

Church Members Suffered a Great Loss Due to the Drought

Nevertheless, the howFar foundation has continued running its' programs and projects despite the many challenges faced by the churches. Scholarship program for students from the less privileged families have continued enjoying education like other students in the community thanks to howfar foundation.

Our Kenyan pastors have also joined their Tanzanian counterparts in a theological seminary (Pastors Training Center) recently started by the howFar foundation in Lossimingori area. We thank the howFar for sponsoring our local less privileged pastor to join the seminary.

The maize mill project is in construction in Orkung'u village. This is aimed at creating an income generating project which will adversely solve financial challenges in church. The project cost over $5,000 thanks to howFar foundation.

Twenty twenty two has been a busy year as far as churches are concerned. We have conducted seminars and conferences in all the seven churches, but unfortunately we couldn't host our usual end of year conference due to the severe draught that has hit Kenya for almost a year. We churches could not raise the money to run the conference. We are hoping that God willing we shall hold it in January 2023.

We are looking forward to carry out much more activities come twenty twenty three.

God bless howFar, God bless its donors, God bless Kenya.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Haiti Update 2022

Diane Moffi 


howFar Haiti Director

This year has been one of the worst we’ve seen since our work began in 2012.  Upon the assassination of the president in July 2021, gangs began to flex their muscles.  They took over neighborhoods by force:  killing, raping and burning down homes.  Hundreds of innocent people were killed or injured.  Ports of entry for fuel and international food aid have been under control of the gangs until early November, when the fuel depot was finally taken over by the Haiti National Police.  Prior to this action, fuel was unavailable throughout Haiti except for black market fuel, which was selling for over $20 US per gallon.  As a result of the gangs controlling these depots, people cannot get to market to sell their crops, manna packs for feeding programs cannot get to the children, hospitals have shut down due to lack of fuel for their generators, and cell service interruptions are a constant issue, also.  Kidnappings are still happening everyday!  Cholera is at epidemic levels with hundreds of people sick or dying recently.

As tragic as all these things are, we have a great God who has been with the Haitian people through all these trials.  HowFar Haiti has the privilege of working with several families affected by this violence.  Through your generosity in 2022 we have been able to help so many!

Here are some of the ways howFar Haiti has been a blessing in Haiti this year:

Gang war in Cite Soleil this summer resulted in over 400 deaths and hundreds more being displaced.  We provided medical services for several of the gunshot victims and relocated 3 elderly people to safer housing for at least a year.

We fed over 1,000 families throughout the year.  Some were prepared food being distributed to school children, and others received food kits that fed their families for several days.  The kits contain rice, beans, corn meal, oil, canned fish and spaghetti.

Our orphanage has received food every month in 2022!!  

In June, we sponsored a VBS program for children in Cite Soleil where they were fed, they played, created crafts and heard the Gospel message.  

Two wheelbarrows and 4 shovels were purchased for people in Cite Soleil to clean up after the gang war.  This is extremely important to prevent flooding after a heavy rain.  Flooding causes diseases!

With the scarcity of rice (which is imported from the US) and some of the other food staples for meals, we began an egg and bread distribution program in the fall to provide something for the children to eat.

Clean water has been purchased, either through delivery from a water truck or purchasing sachets of water for distribution in various neighborhoods, mostly in Cite Soleil where its more difficult to get clean water.

In November, we took and distributed 20 “new mother” bags in partnership with Cords of Love.  Each bag contains diapers, baby wipes, a blanket, burp pads, a kreyol language booklet on the “Roman Road to Salvation” and a kreyol language New Testament Bible.  Also, we distributed 30 kits of reusable menstrual pads for teenage girls and young women.  Additionally, each bag and kit contained a set of Cycle Beads to help prevent unwanted pregnancies!

Thank you for your donations this year!  Many people have experienced the love of Jesus through you and they have hope for a better tomorrow!  Prayers are always needed and appreciated!!!

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New Churches in Tanzania 2022

While in Tanzania, Renée and I had an opportunity to worship at two of the six new howFar Ministries churches in Maasailand. 

We visited Namayiani Baptist Church and Jerusalem Baptist Church, both in the Mundoli area.

We are always amazed at how God continues to bless the work He began through us 20 years ago.

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